Ancient Legends Retold: The Legend of Vortigern

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So, they find one. His name is Merlin. In the pool, he says, they will find two hollow rocks containing sleeping dragons. And, what do you know! There they are. The phony magicians just want to kill people and pour their blood around.

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After the dragons have been located and Merlin is proved correct, they do battle. The residency of the prophetic dragons beneath the earth, and the psychic connection between them and Merlin, demonstrate the key role of landscape in organizing the national identity of Britain. The most interesting innovation of King Arthur: Legend of the Sword lies with the famous stone itself, where Excalibur lay unbudgeable for so long.

As Arthur eventually sees in a vision, the stone was once in fact the body of his father. It matters who your father is, because your blood, your right to govern, and the very earth of Britain upon which you walk, are made of the same stuff.

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To rid his country of them, he must imprison them beneath the earth at the exact centre of the island of Britain. To do this he lures them there, gets them drunk on mead and then traps the incapacitated dragons deep below the earth.

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The Legend of Vortigern (Ancient Legends Retold) [Simon Heywood, Fiona Collins] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The only modern . Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Simon Heywood is a professor of folklore, storytelling, and Ancient Legends Retold: The Legend of Vortigern Kindle Edition. by.

The dragons are just one challenge of three in the story Celts loved threes and each is resolved by a combination of the wisdom of one brother and the courage and cunning of another. The story gives us a valuable insight into the traits that were desirable for the earliest peoples of Britain. All three challenges are resolved by clever brain work, not might, though either king was certainly warrior enough to accomplish the task.

Another tale in The Mabinogion is believed to be a variant of the much older Lludd and Llevelys or even a sequel, if you like.

The Legendary Origins of Merlin the Magician

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Here, for the first time, his tale is told from beginning to end. Free Shipping In Australia. More filters. Myths of the Norsemen Illustrated Edition. Ambrosius explains to Vortigern that the tower could not be supported upon the foundation because two battling dragons lived beneath, representing the Saxons and the Britons.

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