El año de la ira. Diario de un poeta chileno en Chile. (Sept.1973-Sept.1974) (Spanish Edition)

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He has worked in recent years to create constructive dialogue and networks between Latin America and the United States. Maldonado has collaborated with many publications in Europe, the United States and Mexico.

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Carolina Castro Jorquera n. She holds a Ph. Her interests are framed by the relationship that art is able to establish with other disciplines, such as science and mysticism, as well as with the different dimensions of human consciousness and the role of this interplay in the construction of history and in defining the present. She writes regularly in her blog , and collaborates with digital contemporary art magazines like Artishock, The Miami Rail, and LatinxSpaces.

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Gallery in London. A big part of his work is dedicated to writing; he currently is director and editor in chief of Editorial Salvaje.

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From a diversified neighborhood on the drawing board to a fortress of gated communities in reality, Barra da Tijuca symbolizes the takeover of private profits over public interests. It is no secret that we are going through a critical time in the history of Brazil; the genocide on the indigenous is continuing, the violence against women and their reproductive rights are worsening and the environment is suffering; all part of the capitalist crisis we are living through. For example, Guillen completely omits the two and a half years that the boy spent with her, which are corroborated by the boy's passport and in Palma's letters to Gabriela Mistral: Juan Miguel left Lisbon not to go to Brazil, but to join Palma Guillen in Copenhagen at Christmastime in Hope can set you free. Mistral's publication of this recado in June contributed to newspaper debates over the Nuremberg Laws then being formulated in Germany. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats.

Since he has been developing works with photography, video, text and social experiments. Maria do Carmo M. In she founded Question Centre, a nomadic exhibition platform that draws on generational bonds among artists. She has collaborated with different books and magazines, and is a regular contributor of Conceptual Fine Arts. Ana Vaz , Brasilia is an artist and filmmaker whose films, installations and performances explore complex relationships between environments, territories and hybrid histories pushing the boundaries of our perception.

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Lives and works in Recife, Brazil. The German born, Irish artist Benjamin de Burca , Munique has a practice in the arts since where painting, photography and video are equally important in his work. In , they were nominated for the Short Film award at the 67th Berlin International Film Festival, in this same year they participated in the 5th Skulptur Projekte in Munich, Germany.

They live and work in Recife, Brazil. Paulina Ascencio Guadalajara, is a curator and researcher with education in Philosophy and Social Sciences. Fabiola Torres-Alzaga Mexico City, Veronica Stigger is a writer, art critic and college professor. Morgan Fisher Washington, D. Fisher degreed at Harvard College in art history, then studied film production in Los Angeles. He started making independent films in , and has had films shown at international festivals and museums, and worked as an editor in the film industry. He participated in the , , and Whitney Biennials.

Fisher lives and works in Santa Monica, California. Tenzing Barshee works as an independent writer and curator.

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He was born in Basel. He lives in Berlin. Lucrecia Martel Salta, is an Argentinean film director. He is founder and director of Matera magazine present and writes film reviews for Semana magazine. He also plays music with Las Malas Amistades, who have released several albums.

Her practice combines physical theatre, dance, stand-up, perverted academic language and sculptural work. Jessica Mitrani is an artist working in performance and film. In addition, she has exhibited her work at museums and galleries internationally. He is editor-in-chief of Huun, an annual publication of Mexican art and thought. She is a member and founder of Teatro Facada. She was director of Triangle France in Marseille from to Founder and editor of Terremoto , and co-director of Petunia magazine, Dupuis is a dedicated feminist, her curatorial practice and writings seek to expose, question and challenge power structures in the eld of art.

Elena Tejada-Herrera is a transdisciplinary Peruvian artist who works in the intersection of performance, installation, video and social practice. Her work has been exhibited around the world.

Camino al espanol: A Comprehensive Course in Spanish

She lives and works in Miami. Florencia Portocarrero Lima, is a researcher, writer and curator. Portocarrero has contributed writings on art and culture to numerous catalogues and publications. Eusebio Siosi Riohacha, is a visual artist, architect and cultural producer who works in collaborative projects with the indigenous Wayuu ethnic community and the cultural identity of which he is part.

New Trends in Contemporary Latin American Narrative

He has participated in regional and national Salones de Arte in Colombia. Rueda is creator and editor of Tropical Goth magazine, and external curator of the Museum of Modern Art in Barranquilla. Brenda Lozano Mexico City, is a narrator and essayist. Her first novel Todo nada Tusquets, will be made into a feature film. In she was recognized by Conaculta, Hay Festival and the British Council as one of the most important writers under 40 years in her country.

Post-National Literatures and the Canon

She currently lives in Mexico City. Yornel J.

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He studied at the Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana, where he lives and works. She studied Art History at the University of Toronto. He then became half of the Jeleton monster which operates in magical arts and other less magical ones. He lives in Barcelona which is almost like saying that he lives very little, and his body is worn out due to almost 30 years of neoliberal policies.

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Gelen Jeleton is one and many at the same time, she is a gemini who are two but we add one more for a trinity that would expand if it could. She draws as she writes, she writes as she plays music and she plays music as she dances; time and over again. She has other times, does not have space and has many projects. Always young, alone and in love with her work. Aimar Arriola , they call him curator but he would like to be a healer.

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Precocious for some things and not too early for others, he has been initiated in the mysteries of cooking at the age of forty. He lives in London where he works on a doctoral thesis among visions of meat, feathers and vaquitas of San Antonio. Juan Canela was born inland but since a young age has lived almost always near the sea, in different places.

But his family is from the mountain, and from the desert. After many wanderings he settled in Barcelona a few years ago, where he discovered that what he does best is planning projects with artists. Recently they have begun to plan spells together, and he walks with stones in his pockets. Ah, and sometimes he has his heart in his hand. From until she worked on educational programs with communities from rural areas in the south of Chile. Her last work was acquired by FAVA collection.

She lives and works in Santiago de Chile. The main focus in his work points the relations between art, politics and aesthetics in the independent artistic practices in Chile. He has collaborated as researcher and theorist in several contemporary art projects at a national and international scale. He lives and works in Santiago de Chile. Adolfo Bimer Santiago, Chile currently lives and works in Santiago.