FOR HIS GLORY: A History of the Development of North Tenneha Church of Christ 1935 -2010

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Swain Odom Heritage Fund. He was surrounded by family at the home of his eldest daughter in Waverly, IA. Great for God. Housewife's Adventure with God. I think this can be avoided, but if it happens that all the ingredients that have accumulated begin to ferment, this lovely portion of Mexican territory will be hopelessly lost, because it is an arduous task to dislodge the enemy once he takes it over, even when [we] have a numerical superiority. These evils have subsided, and the other towns now enjoy some calm in which to recover from so much misfortune. The evangelical faithful flocked to the airwaves, developing a nationwide mass culture as listeners across denominational lines heard the same popular preachers and music.

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Keeble, Marshall, Churches of Christ Biography. Churches of Christ History. African Americans Religion.


Z8K45 The Bible Is Right! Cassius, R. Parrish of Mississippi State University for kin-dling my interest in the work of Marshall Keeble almost a decade ago, al-though the press of other projects and responsibilities for some time had lim-ited me to chipping away at this massive and important subject. The library staff at ACU has been especially diligent and supportive of my work on this project. John L. Robinson, a highly esteemed colleague at ACU, gave the manuscript a thorough reading and helped me produce a polished manuscript.

Many other people encouraged me, including Carisse Berry-hill, Douglas A. Newell Wil-liams. Special thanks to the staff at the Disciples of Christ Historical Society in Nashville, Tennessee, for their help and support. I hope that this work will stir further study and interest in this remarkable evangelist and his understudied religious group. Bowser came preaching and Southwestern Christian Col-lege sprang up. That walking- Bible, R.

Hogan, came preaching and churches sprang up in Texas, Oklahoma, and California. Bowser, and R. Hogan when he spoke of their preaching and church build-ing. While such men as Bowser and Hogan contributed signifi cantly to the rise of black Churches of Christ in the northern and western parts of the United States, neither matched Marshall Keebles impressive work in the South and be-yond. Almost like some divine magician, Keeble seemed to speak black con-gregations into existence. A careful examination of his singular career re-veals what made him the most successful evangelist in the history of African American Churches of Christ, the complex ways in which he accomplished this, and how white Christians played roles in the origins and expansion of black Churches of Christ.

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This history of one local church demonstrates the prayerful determination of its For His Glory - A History of the Development of North Tenneha Church of Christ. This historical ethnography presents the era's major radio evangelists and .. For His Glory - A History of the Development of North Tenneha Church of Christ.

Beyond these matters, such a study uncovers the contributions of Keebles converts his sonsin the stabilization of Af-rican American congregations in the South. Finally, it reveals to what de-gree altruism or racism supplied the impetus for the rise of black Churches of Christ in the southern states.

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The crowd of mostly white preachers implored: Show us how you do it, like the magician is called on to do sometimes by a few on the inside of the ring. The inquirers assured Keeble that they did not wish to steal his power; they only wanted to know just how he does it.

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In the minds of the white leaders, Keeble seemed almost a godly wizard with mysterious powers and abilities to mes-merize and sway his listeners to obey what he called the pure gospel. Glenn, a white leader who attended the gathering, Keeble happily listed seven reasons for his achievement as an evangelist. First, he said his devoted wife, Minnie, was at the bottom of his preach-ing career. Next, his father- in- law, Samuel W. Womack, had encouraged him and taught him the gospel plan of salvation.

Keeble then developed a burning desire to preach the Word full time. Fourth, white leaders S. Hall, F.

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Srygley, and N. Hardeman encouraged him; Keeble especially singled out A. Burton, who recognized his ability and helped along in a fi nancial way.

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In order to gain the support of white benefactors, however, Keeble assiduously kept his place, scrupulously complying with the New Souths Jim Crow mores, circumspectly working never to bring reproach upon the Cause by his conduct, trying always to keep himself good and humble. He realized the importance of staying in place while in those parts of the nation where the racial feelings were quite prominent.


Before meeting with the white preachers at the Central congregation, Keeble had been on his knees four times in secret prayer. Additionally, Keeble seasoned his ser-mons with spicewit, humor, and keen logic which endeared him to both white and black Americans. The white folks hear him just as gladly, and usually there are as many or more in the audience than his own race.

No wonder that his many hundreds of converts have been led to the Lamb of God by the power of the Gospel in the hands of this man!