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Doing so helps you to get to know your audience better. This allows advertisers to, for example, serve an ad for a restaurant when a user is physically near that restaurant. First-party data is the information that an organization collects directly from its customers or audience. This can include data gathered from your website, mobile app or social media. That way none of your first-party data goes to waste.

You also need to activate your data for it to be useful. Activation is the process of uncovering the value in your data by gathering insights from it and then putting those insights into action. Why is it so valuable? First-party data can help you to understand your existing audience.

This enables you to personalize your content for your audience. You can do this in a broad sense or on an individual level. You could also personalize your site to individual users. When that user visits your website, you could recommend sports videos to them. As another example, if a marketer sees that a user has several coffee makers in their online shopping cart, they may serve them ads for coffee makers.

First-party data can help you get to know your current audience. You can also combine this information with second-party and third-party data to help expand your audience. You can also use the audience optimizer tool to find new potential customers who are similar to your current audience members.

Keeping the following data collection tips in mind can help you get as much benefit as possible from your first-party data:. Data collection is the first step in your successful data strategy, and Lotame offers one of the most robust data collection and management platforms in the industry. In addition to top-of-the-line technology, we also offer responsive customer service and support.

As consumers spend increasing amounts of time on multiple mobile devices, publishers and marketers are….

Why do you need a special resource for data collection and management? Most marketers today…. Privacy Center Careers Request a Demo. Rule 1: Collect More to Learn More It stands to reason that the more data you have at your disposal, the deeper the insights you can gather about your audience. Learn About Our Award-Winning DMP Data Sources Some of the data sources you may have available to you include: Your websites: Lotame can help you collect data about who visits your websites and the actions they take while on your site. Your apps: Your DMP can also collect data about who downloads your app and how they use it.

Social networking sites: Data about who follows you on social media and how they interact with you can be useful as can more general information about how your customers use social media. Point-of-sale data: If you have physical or e-commerce stores, you can also import this data into your DMP. Second-party sources: Everything we mentioned above is first-party data — data you collect yourself about your customers.

Third-party sources: You can also use third-party data, which you buy from data aggregators, to expand your dataset.

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Data Points Each source also has a lot of data you could potentially pull from it. Through our DMP, you can seamlessly collect numerous data points per page, including: Clicks Downloads Ad interactions Commenting Newsletter sign-ups Types of media being consumed Search terms being entered Forum posts and topics being created Types of Insights You can collect data about a wide range of topics using the sources listed above. Seamless To maximize the accessibility of your data, you want to be able to move it into and out of your DMP seamlessly.

Strategic Before you begin collecting data, decide what you want to accomplish with it. Some examples include: Mobile Websites: Just like you can collect data from users who visit your website on a desktop computer, you can also gather valuable data when they visit it on a mobile device.

Social Media Sites: Many people primarily use social media on their mobile devices. These sites offer an easy way to interact with customers. Company Apps: Creating a company app can help you to improve your relationships with your customers.

With a DMP, you can gather information about when people download your app and how they use it. Mobile Ads: When users click on ads placed on mobile websites and apps, you can gather data that can help you to connect with them. It was great, instant concentration. He was rock solid. Through different doors. With Bonham on board, the New Yardbirds, as they were still called, played their first gig, in Copenhagen on September 14, The way in which Bonham had galvanised the band on those early gigs had a lasting influence throughout the recording career of Led Zeppelin as they had now become.

Meanwhile the flow of hit albums and sold-out concerts for Zeppelin meant that his world changed virtually overnight. The once poverty-stricken Bonhams could afford flash cars, a big house and a champagne lifestyle. But he still had to work for a living.

Out on the road, the year-old Bonzo delivered a minute, blood-spattered drum solo every night. And being the powerhouse of the energy-sapping Zeppelin show left him on the verge of collapse. He hated flying, which made him physically sick. Holed up in hotels, the only way for a travelling musician to immunise himself against the routine was to take a drink or two, and perhaps experiment with drugs. Right from his teenage years, Bonham had enjoyed a beer. But he got boisterous after a few pints, which led to his reputation for mayhem.

His pranks soon rivalled those of Keith Moon for outrage and destruction. Anyone getting too close found their clothes ripped and sprayed with lager. He busied himself running his farm and breeding Hereford cattle in the calm peacefulness of the Worcestershire countryside.

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Despite all the bravado, he confided to friends that he suffered from panic attacks before every concert. After earning a fortune, Zeppelin became tax exiles, which meant living abroad. Surrounded by hired security men, he may have felt invulnerable. But he overstepped the mark when he joined Peter Grant, tour manager Richard Cole and crew member John Bindon in a vicious assault on an American security guard at the fateful concert at Oakland Coliseum, California, in July Afterwards Bonham, Grant and the two Zeppelin henchmen were arrested.

Later it led to fines and suspended sentences — and to Led Zeppelin never returning to America after this tour. It was all turning sour. Suddenly it seemed like the group were close to breaking up.

Bonham was left with more time on his hands, and his behaviour became unpredictable. But unfortunately the drink just got too much for him. He overdid it and could become quite aggressive. He was similar to Keith Moon. They felt they had to live up to their reputations. But while on a German tour he began to exhibit signs of fatigue. At a show in Nuremberg, after three numbers he was taken ill. He then appeared unwell for the rest of the tour. Everybody plays better than me.

He allegedly got through 40 measures of vodka during a marathon hour session.

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After falling asleep on a sofa he was put to bed by his assistant and laid on pillows for support. The following morning there was no sign of him. They tried to wake him, then realised he was dead. Everyone was saddened, and even angry, at the waste of life. Peter Grant went into a depression that lasted several years. Rumours suggested Bonzo had been taking drugs, but it was drink that had caused his death. We had high hopes it was all coming right.

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There were some good moments, but then he started on the vodka. I think he had been drinking because there were some problems in his personal life. But he died because of an accident. He was lying down the wrong way.