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It won't employ an orbiter for relay, instead relying on direct communications from the surface of Titan. This is essential, as using solar power isn't possible on the cloud-shrouded moon. The U.

NASA has a classified but limited supply of plutonium, some of which is earmarked for the Mars rover. An artist's conception of the Dragonfly drone exploring Titan. Dragonfly's science package includes a mass spectrometer, a drill and sampling package, gamma-ray and neutron spectrometers, and a geophysics and meteorology package.

The Rosetta orbiter explored and mapped the periodic comet in detail, which will help the team select a collection site far in advance of arrival. It's essential to keep the volatile components of the return sample cold, so they don't evaporate before they can be studied. A design similar to JAXA's Hayabusa return capsule is desirable, which dropped its heat shield after reentry, before heat could begin transferring to the inner capsule. Other mission concepts that were in the running included:. NASA conducts three basic types of planetary missions.

The upcoming Lucy and Psyche asteroid missions are Discovery class. The finalists will now move on to Phase A concept evaluation over the next year. Sadly, this trip to Mars turned out to be not exactly excitement worthy. So far a decent premise, right?

Seriously, what sort of an idiotic crime is that? The sweater of logic here will definitely unravel if you start playing with the threads. The writing was serviceable enough, this would have been solidly mediocre, but insult to injury, the ending is just sort of to be continued and surprise, surprise sequel ready.

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Another one? Mars deserves more. So do the readers. The next one is titled No Way, appropriately as in no way you should be reading it. One Way disappointed enough. Thanks Netgalley.

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Jan 02, Denise rated it really liked it Shelves: A murder mystery on Mars. Pure adventure. Murder in space! Well, on Mars.

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A very entertaining mix of science fiction and crime with a slight feel of The Martian about it. Review to follow shortly. Aug 31, Shaun Hutchinson added it.

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Petranek is optimistic. However, there is a great temptation for each new president to put his or her own personal stamp on the space mission. His wife and son, a year-old college professor, are less certain. The first flight of SLS is set for The Ideal Landing Spot Where on the surface would we land?

Wasn't bad. The Britishisms that sneaked in were a bit jarring. I get that the author is from the UK, but all of the book's characters were American, so using "queue" in stead of "line" and the like threw me out of the story. I also found Frank to be too passive. This could have been an interesting mystery but, and this is even mentioned by one of the other characters, Frank is so incurious that it makes the story a bit boring.

I liked the attention to scientific detai Meh. I liked the attention to scientific detail for the most part, though it often got in the way of the story. A solid read. I'd pick up the sequel if I had nothing better to read. I want to thank the folks at Netgalley for giving me an ARC of this book, I will be posting the review of this book as the release date gets closer in the US.

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I will say that this is more a thriller rather than a technical book,I enjoyed the whodunnit sense of it. The author knows a lot about what could be done to live on Mars and what could go wrong. And the crime novel inside this SF is intriguing too. I didn't like much the uncaring Frank, who didn't want to know if the deaths were accidental or not until it was almost too late, even for himself. This was a good name for the sadistic character of this novel. And it would make a good movie. Totally awesome! Morden came up with a great premise and absolutely delivered.

It was a solid fun read from end to end. It isn't as sophisticated as Martian but I think Martian fans will still find it to be a great read. Jul 14, Lata rated it liked it Shelves: read , scifi-fantasy. Interesting ideas, and I found the treatment of the convicts deplorable, but the plot and characters kept slipping away from me. Not because there was anything inherently wrong with this story, but my attention kept being engaged by other things than this book.

Apr 08, K. Trigger warnings: murder, incarceration, violence.

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In the interests of full disclosure, I won a copy of this through the Dymocks Gold Booklover Program. But that doesn't change my opinion in any way. So this premise of this book? A company works out that it's cheaper and more efficient to send criminals to Mars to construct a base than it is to send robots. A group of criminals are recruited and travel to Mars and start construction.

But once they're there, they Trigger warnings: murder, incarceration, violence. But once they're there, they start dying. It looks like accidents.

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But is it?? And for the first half of the book, I thoroughly enjoyed things. We have a protagonist in his 50s, which is rare enough in itself. He's being put through brutal training sessions on Earth.

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And then we periodically get documents recovered from the shady company's records in between the chapters that give you an idea of what's really going on. And all of that I liked. Buuuuuuut once they actually got to Mars?

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