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Impeachment witnesses describe frustration with Giuliani.

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FBI official investigated for allegedly altering document. Klobuchar on hearings: This is a 'decency check' on Trump.

Fiona Hill: Bolton's unmistakable body language caught my attention. Avlon: Our enemies know America is polarized. Swalwell jokes about Fox News interview after Trump's tweet. Amy Klobuchar came ready to debate.

Catherine Kirwan

Start by marking “Darkest Truth” as Want to Read: When solicitor Finn Fitzpatrick is approached by a man to investigate the death of his daughter, her first instinct is to refuse. The debut novel of writer Catherine Kirwan, focuses on solicitor, Finn, investigating the suicide of. 'Just finished Darkest Truth by Catherine Kirwan. It's brilliant! A heroine flawed but not in the normal whisky-soaked-my-wife-has-left me way - that takes you on .

President Donald Trump doesn't follow that rule. Asked about the passing of legendary journalist Cokie Roberts on Tuesday, here's what Trump said in part :. She never treated me nicely. But I would like to wish her family well. She was a professional, and I respect professionals. The first words out of his mouth when asked about someone's death was a never met her and b "she never treated me nicely. While all politicians -- and all people -- tend to see things through a how-does-this-impact-me lens, most of us understand that turning everything, especially someone else's death, into a conversation about ourselves is hugely selfish and narcissistic.

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It also reeks of a lack of empathy, an inability to step outside yourself and into another person's shoes for even a minute. That Trump's first instinct when asked about the death of a prominent journalist would be to make it about himself and then use it as a piece of ammo in his long-running fight with the news media is, even for this president, a remarkable thing.

Catherine Kirwan

And by remarkable, I mean revealing. Revealing in that it makes clear -- and, if you have been paying attention to the presidency it might well already be crystal clear to you -- that Trump is simply unconcerned about anyone who isn't him. He doesn't view the presidency as a position of moral leadership. He just does and says what he wants, when he wants.

That rejection of moral leadership -- of taking the high road, of understanding that you don't need to say everything you think -- is what makes Trump truly radical vis a vis the other men who have held the office of president.

They tried -- and sometimes failed, but always tried -- to do what they believed to be the right thing, even if it wasn't what they wanted to do. Trump makes no attempt to do so. You can argue that what Trump says about a deceased journalist isn't that big a deal -- especially when compared to some of the other things he has said and done as president.

It couldn't be more relevant and the time to read this is right now. A very timely novel. I look forward to more from Catherine Kirwan!

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A great female protagonist, a timely plot and the promise of much more to come from this debut author. Catherine Kirwan grew up on a farm in the parish of Fews, County Waterford. She studied law at UCC and lives in Cork where she works as a solicitor. Darkest Truth is her first novel. For the latest books, recommendations, offers and more.

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A Dark Truth

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