The Mongoliad (The Mongoliad Series Book 1)

The Mongoliad: Book One
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I see from the front cover that the book or story? Can someone shed some light on who contributed what? My impression is that they took pains to present it as a group effort, with no specific attributions.

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I do believe that I read somewhere that Mark Teppo was the editor who pulled all the bits together for the final printed form. I read the book as it came out in instalments originally, then I read the five books over this past summer, and the two forms were perceptibly different.

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Edit: all of the authors of the first three books did a panel discussion which is on YouTube, and they touched on these questions. Check out around 15 minutes in. Edit 2: Also check around for more on who did what.

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Apparently Nicole Galland was involved in writing about the bishops in Rome, and Greg Bear's specialty was the "batshit insane religious vision". A few minutes before this bit, Mark Teppo mentioned that they started with three story lines, two authors on each story line, and himself with "nothing to do" which the others deny, saying he was essential as the guy piecing it together , but then they split one story line into two giving four, and then the authors started moving between story lines from week to week.

Do you happen to have, or know how one could acquire, a copy of the original app?

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In it, a small band of warriors and mystics raise their swords to save Europe from a bloodthirsty Mongol invasion. Inspired by their leader an elder of an order of warrior monks , they embark on a perilous journey and uncover the history of hidden knowledge and conflict among powerful secret societies that had been shaping world events for millennia.

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But the saga reaches the modern world via a circuitous route. In the late 19th century, Sir Richard F.

Burton, an expert on exotic languages and historical swordsmanship, is approached by a mysterious group of English martial arts aficionados about translating a collection of long-lost manuscripts. Burton dies before his work is finished, and his efforts were thought lost until recently rediscovered by a team of amateur archaeologists in the ruins of a mansion in Trieste, Italy. From this collection of arcana, the incredible tale of The Mongoliad was recreated.

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Full of high adventure, unforgettable characters, and unflinching battle scenes, The Mongoliad ignites a dangerous quest where willpower and blades are tested and the scope of world-building is redefined. A note on this edition: The Mongoliad began as a social media experiment, combining serial story-telling with a unique level of interaction between authors and audience during the creative process.

Since its original iteration, The Mongoliad has been restructured, edited, and rewritten under the supervision of its authors to create a more cohesive reading experience and will be published as a trilogy of novels. This edition is the definitive edition and is the authors' preferred text. Bookmarks has been publishing books for over 40 years. Every year we publish a selection of books and pamphlets that address the key issues facing activists and trade unionists.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. A Q&A with Mark Teppo, co-author of The Mongoliad: Book One Q: How did you get the idea for The Mongoliad? A: It all. The first novel to be released in The Foreworld Saga, The Mongoliad: Book One, is an epic-within-an-epic, taking place in 13th century. In it, a small band of.

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