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Having secrets makes us feel sad.

How the US Government Kept a Town of 75,000 Secret

The constant monitoring of our feelings and suppression of our thoughts is exhausting, writes Professor Tom Frijins in the International Journal of Behavioral Development. When checked in on six months later, those who chose to confide their secrets felt dramatically better, and those who still held on to their secrets felt worse. Overall, the young women in the survey had more secrets but were less likely to share them as the young men. Sharing secrets makes you healthier. Each interviewee was monitored for their skin conductance level and heart rate.

The Worst Kept Secrets - Seymour Centre

Fourteen months later self-reported health reports of the subjects were collected and the degree of disclosure in the interview positively correlated with better health. They make us feel burdened, literally. Individuals who have secrets share the same judgments of people who are physically weighed down.

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In a study published in Social Psychology and Personality Science , subjects who were told to think of a personal secret judged hills to be steeper and distances to be longer than those who revealed their secrets before making the call. Author Michael Slepian says that when people are burdened, their perceptions are adaptively biased to fit their actions.

The Damaging Psychological Effects of Keeping Secrets

As secrets are often metaphorically conceived as physical burdens, our minds go to a similar place when it comes to making decisions regarding physical effort. Assistant professor of psychology and neuroscience Laura Smart claims our minds basically screw us over when we try too hard. When we attempt to suppress thoughts forget about our own secrets two mental processes come into play: an intentional operating process and an ironic monitoring process.

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The number-one reason people keep secrets or lie is to "keep the peace. No matter how well the secret is kept, it's leaking somewhere. There is a difference between information which must be kept secret and personal information which we may not have shared, but we would if it.

As for reasons you should be keeping secrets? Our minds have a limited capacity to process information.

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Steven G. Persons harboring such discomfort often turn to alcohol, or other addictive substances, to mask their pain. I hate myself for being so dumb. Log in or link your magazine subscription. And the agency orchestrated one of the oddest operations of the Cold War: the secret publication and distribution of Doctor Zhivago in Russia. Who Writes History? On the other hand, revealing secrets is often the key to justice.

The simple reason why is that this type of secret creates social tension. In your mind, if other people had the information that you possess, they would see the world differently than they do now—probably with a certain degree of shock. So how can we resist the temptation to divulge confidential data? Start by revising, or at least expanding, your idea of honesty—which you can do without compromising your integrity many of us unwittingly conflate these two things.

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Without tipping too far in the other direction where moral relativism resides , it helps to remember that in many cases, the advantages of withholding information can be high, while the costs of doing so for you or others are slight. In many cases, these secrets get more damaging the longer they remain hidden—which can put your integrity at risk anyway.

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Let context decide which secrets you keep, otherwise your psychology may end up deciding for you. By Art Markman 4 minute Read. Design Co.

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