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Blog Tour: Commencement Hellsbane 0. Cover reveal Destiny Brightest Kind of Darkness Kayleigh's Favourite Series. I loved watching the events unfold and seeing how each character dealt with the situations thrown at them. Also, we all know about my zombie obsession, so I was ecstatic when they popped in. However these are not your normal zombies and this storyline was much deeper than I initially expected it to be.

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I loved how Jodi handled this situation. One of the biggest and best aspects of Touch of Death is the necromancy. It was intriguing and the way the powers work is so different from the norm.

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This power is double sided; it is not just about giving life but also about taking it. It shows how too much power in the wrong hands can have deadly consequences.

Dim Mak(the death touch, touch of death) is real(1)(LiangYi DimMak and ShaoLin DimMak)(new version)

Touch of Death is a book that I recommend you read as soon as you are possibly able. You will conveniently forget everything else that you thought you had to do for the day and instead spend your time with Jodi and Alex. Touch of Death is deadly addictive and I dare you to put it down. Sep 24, Julianna Helms rated it liked it Shelves: arc-tours , stalk-the-cover-but-not-the-book , rockin-the-minority-yo , way-too-cliche. Actual, full review: Original is here on my blog.

Note: due to copy-and-paste, formatting and links have been lost. Now here we have something interesting. Sounds like an epic tour de force, yeah? That's what I thought, too. But Touch of Death is about as deceptive as its cover--what at first seems like a gorgeous and dark tale is really about a girl, insta-love, plus predictive plots weaving the way.

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It's interesting in the way that a rock might be in a sea of desert sand: cool compared to the unspeakable works of "literature", yet not necessarily a means by which one entertains oneself. A lot of people have geeked out over this book, so maybe it's just me, but let me explain why I wasn't such a big fan first: 1 Jodi Jodi Jodi--Oh, Jodi, where do I start? In the beginning, you were okay. I saw this speech once, and the quote that comes to me right now is, "girl, you are so on a rebound.

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I'm going to, therefore, assume that you've read a lot of books. Same old, same old. There are definitely really cool plot elements in the story, but if you're someone who values unpredictability like me , prepare to be disappointed by the lack of actual twists. That said, I did finish the book, so it definitely has promise! It's intriguing in the way TNT is fascinating: you don't know whether or not everything will blow up in your face, and you're not sure whether or not you want it to.

It's worth the investment of time, I think--lots of people have loved this book. Just remember, though, that sometimes TNT short-circuits, and as much as you want something cool to happen View 1 comment. Dec 05, Eunice rated it liked it Shelves: out , ya-romance , arc-netgalley-edelweiss , death-tragedy-suicide , young-adult , paranormal , mythology , ghost-and-zombies.

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One minute she's in her junior year of high school, spending time with her amazing To ask other readers questions about Touch of Death, please sign up. A Touch of Death book. Read 27 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A thousand years in the future, the last of humanity live inside t.

It was easy to get with the flow of the story and with the characters and understand what was really happening. It offered interesting points especially in mythology plus adding some twist about zombies. I actually sped through this! However, comes with its fast-paced writing was the feel that everything was happening in a rush. Thus also makings some part predictable and a little unconvincing. The main character, Jodi Marshall, was a charact 3.

The main character, Jodi Marshall, was a character that is easy to like. She played a very special and powerful character in the story however I couldn't seem to find some distinctive trait and quality in her that would have compelled me to really really like her and admire her character. Making her a little bland for my taste. Having said that she wasn't really a bad case of a main character.

She has good qualities and principle but nothing really powerful or unique.

Alex, the love interest, started as a very intriguing character. I liked the bad boy and wicked side he'd shown in the beginning. I would have loved it even more if it hadn't been that toned down that much around the middle of the book when he and Jodi are finally learning and knowing each other. Still he's probable my most favorite character in this story. I liked how Hashway combined the idea of Mythology and zombies. Adding to that, the mythological side wasn't really that conventional since it put one of the most known villains in the mythology on the good side.

The only problem I had was that it felt rushed and quite predictable. I wouldn't have mind it being a little longer if it would make everything more credible and thrilling. Overall, Touch of Death is a pretty entertaining and interesting read albeit a little lacking with some elements that might have made it even better. Still, I really did enjoy the overall.

click here If you're looking for a fun, quick and unique paranormal read but doesn't have that too complex and mind-boggling world and plot, this is the right book for you. Thank you Spencer Hill Press for providing me a copy of this book. This review is also posted at Book Overdose View all 9 comments. Sep 28, eileen rated it liked it Shelves: young-adult , mythology. I'm going to start by poking a little fun at myself and also trying to get my feelings about Touch of Death down accurately.

Me: Okay let's do this! I bet this will be really good! Don't ask : Your enthusiasm irks me. Me: Oh shut up. Zoey: Have it your way. Zoey: Your fault. As you can see, Zoey is my conscience and I talk to her a lot. It's not weird or anything.

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She's got a small chip on her shoulder, unfortunately. Good thing that when it comes to advice-giving, she's champ! But that isn't the point. The first thing that crossed my mind about Touch of Death was, "Alex. Plus, Alex totally creeped me out. He was extremely stalker-ish in the beginning, and I'm glad Jodi noticed that, although in the end I didn't think Alex ever deviated from that phase.

Something I really loved about Touch of Death was the mythology aspect behind it. Turns out, there's actually a 13th Zodiac sign that was recently discovered called Ophiucus.