With Porter in the Essex : A Story of his Famous Cruise in the Southern Waters during the War of 1812

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He and his wife lived on their homestead near Butler, Ky epub. Why the Army decided to equip its soldiers with the black berets in ; Controversy.. Some of the ambushes developed into running fights that lasted for several days pdf. See also, Heitman, Historical Register, , giving date of discharge as June 15, With Porter in the Essex : a story of his famous cruise in Southern waters during the War of An oration delivered before the Washington benevolent society of Massachusetts of the thirtieth day of April, Lest We Forget. Volume 2. Describing the Leading The French horse battery however inflicted so heavy casualties on the attackers that the advance stopped.

The body was wrapped in blankets and buried on the side of an abrupt hill, over-looking Loutre creek. Throughout the war, a number of skirmishes took place as American forces tried to disrupt this supply route. He connects the developments of the European war with those in the American theater. The late war, between the download for free The late war, between the United States? Silas Weir Mitchell, M. After graduating from Jefferson Medical College in , he took over his father's medical practice and began writing poetry.

His first short story, "The Case of George Dedlow," appeared in the Atlantic Monthly in and dealt with the psychological effects of war on a Union soldier. As Mitchell's medical career advanced, he became a professor at the Philadelphia Polyclinic and College for Graduates in Medicine. Under his direction the Infirmary became a center for the treatment of nervous disorders.

Mitchell's contributions to medical publications included over papers on diverse topics in neurology, pharmacology, physiology, and toxicology, including the effects of snake venom and opium on the brain. His fiction consists of historical romances set during the American Revolution and the Civil War. Mitchell frequently used his own experiences of war to write his novels, including Roland Blake which is set in an army hospital in Philadelphia. Mitchell's most famous poem, "Ode on a Lycian Tomb," was written following the death of his daughter, Maria, who is also buried in the family plot.

As a young man, Moore learned the cabinet-making trade, which included constructing coffins. He soon recognized that keeping ready-made coffins on hand would be more profitable than constructing coffins one at a time in response to individual deaths. His realization led him to go into business independently, helping to create the profession of undertaker. Over the course of his year career, he directed the funerals of Philadelphia's most prominent citizens.

In , Moore became one of the original incorporators of the Woodlands Cemetery Company and served as funeral director for internments at the cemetery. By , Moore had commissioned architect John Kutts to create the Gothic design for a large monument on his intended gravesite. This monument, which includes statues representing Charity and Mercy, among other virtues, was intended as an advertisement for the cemetery and his business. Moore lived for more than a decade after this monument was in place.

His most notable work with the Hutton firm was the Venetian Gothic townhouse at the southwest corner of Walnut and 22nd Streets. After McArthur's death in , Ord ran the construction project until He subsequently opened his own practice at Arch Street. Ord was an active member of the St.

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Be sure to look back in the coming months as this section is expanded with more information, including biographies created by juniors in the AP US History course at the J. The liberated American whaler Barclay would accompany him, her prize crew commanded by year-old David Farragut. These successes provided an initially valuable boost to American morale. Shields returned with tons of whale oil and seal skins and, by , at least nine British whalers were working in the Pacific. Barry J. Redner's carol was sung for the first time on the Sunday before Christmas in

John Conrad Otto, M. He came from a long line of physicians, including his father and grandfather, who both served at Valley Forge Hospital during the Revolution. He graduated with a medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania in , where he was a favorite student of the Philadelphia physician Benjamin Rush. Otto's medical service in Philadelphia was crucial during the yellow fever and cholera epidemics in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

In , he was appointed a physician of the Philadelphia Dispensary and also worked for the Orphan Asylum and the Magdalen Asylum. His paper on the clinical features of hemophilia, published in , traced the history of the disease in the Smith-Sheppard family of New Hampshire. When Benjamin Rush died in , Otto was elected to replace him as staff physician at Pennsylvania Hospital.

He held this appointment for the next 22 years. At the end of his career, the City of Philadelphia recognized Otto for his medical services during the yellow fever and cholera epidemics. Otto was the second person to be buried in Woodlands Cemetery. Rembrandt Peale , Section F, Lot 65 Portrait painter Rembrandt Peale, son of Charles Willson Peale, is renowned for his versatility and talents in the areas of both oil painting and lithography.

His lithographic reproduction of his oil portrait of George Washington was awarded a silver medal by the Franklin Institute in as the "best specimen of lithography to be executed in the United States. Capitol in Peale prepared a popular lecture on "Washington and His Portraits" that was first delivered at Philadelphia's Historical Society of Pennsylvania in He repeated the talk in communities along the east coast over a period of five years, bringing him many commissions for small-scale replicas of his Washington portraits. Peale opened a museum in Baltimore in that featured exhibits of mastodon fossils and natural history similar to his father's Philadelphia Museum, but he added a gallery of portraits of famous Americans.

When the principal tenor was unable to perform one evening, Pirelli filled his place as Edgardo in the opera Lucia di Lammermoor. Pirelli's performance was a critical and popular success, and he went on to tour several other European cities. Pirelli made his debut in Philadelphia with this troupe in a performance of Ernani at the Walnut Street Theatre in August, He spent the next twenty years in Philadelphia, composing several critically acclaimed operas and serving as an instructor for young opera singers.

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He was purposely reinterred from a plot at the Naval Home for retired officers on the east bank of the Schuylkill River in order to promote the Woodlands Cemetery as open for business. Famous individuals buried in a cemetery always attracted new families. Porter was a naval officer who fought pirates, and his grave in Center Circle with a tall marker topped by a large eagle still remains prominent.

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He began his career on the seas aboard his father's ship at age Two years later he became a midshipman on the frigate USS Constellation. He was captured at Tripoli in during the Barbary Wars and was held as a prisoner-of-war for two years. After his release in , Porter was assigned to New Orleans to suppress pirate activity. He captured three ships from Jean Laffite, a well-known pirate in the Gulf of Mexico. During this time he also adopted eight-year old David Farragut, who traveled with him to learn the life of a seaman. Farragut went on to become the first admiral of the U. His trip with the Essex around Cape Horn at the start of the war was notable as the first appearance of an American warship and flag in the Pacific Ocean.

David Glasgow Farragut

In he returned to the Caribbean fighting against piracy. The commander was released, but the U. Navy court-martialed Porter for pursuing unsanctioned excessive naval action. An appeal brought him a six-month suspension, but in response, Porter resigned and took a post as commander of the Mexican Navy. In , President Andrew Jackson requested his return to the United States and appointed him minister to Turkey, a position he held until his death.

Eli Kirk Price , Section C, Lot Price was a lawyer, real estate law reformer, and prominent civic leader in Philadelphia. In , he was admitted to the bar and began to specialize in real estate law. At the same time, he became involved in reform of the municipal government and was elected to the state senate in One of his first initiatives in Harrisburg was to secure the passage of the "Consolidation Act" which created the present city of Philadelphia by incorporating much of the city's surrounding territory under one government.

Price was also the leading founder of the Woodlands Cemetery, with the intent of protecting the core of the Hamilton estate as open space by converting it to a rural cemetery. He continued his efforts for civic improvement with the establishment of Fairmount Park in During his years as the president of the Philadelphia Museum of Art from , he supervised the museum's relocation from Memorial Hall to its present location along the Parkway.

He also served on the boards of several institutions, including the University of Pennsylvania and The Woodlands Cemetery Company. Today, the Price family continues its long association with The Woodlands. Lewis H. Redner's carol was sung for the first time on the Sunday before Christmas in Redner worked as a real estate agent in an office on Walnut Street and during his lifetime served four Philadelphia churches as an organist, but 19 years were devoted to musical activities at Holy Trinity Church. Peter Frederick Rothermel , Section N, Lot Rothermel was an American historical painter who was well-known throughout his career in Philadelphia.

Although he studied engineering and surveying as a young man, he preferred the study of art and started his career as a sign painter in Philadelphia. After attending courses at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, he worked as a portrait artist. As his style matured, Rothermel became especially known for historical paintings, including "De Soto Discovering the Mississippi" and "The Battle of Gettysburg," which was commissioned by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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For the Gettysburg painting, which depicts Pickett's charge on the third day of battle, Rothermel conducted three years of preliminary research and took over a year to complete the painting. William Rush , Section E, Lot 11 Heralded as America's first sculptor, this Philadelphia native began his career as an apprentice to a ship carver. After his service in Philadelphia's militia during the Revolution, Rush returned to work creating figureheads for ships.

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His unique "walking style," where the subject steps naturally from the ship's prow, increased his local reputation and won him numerous commissions for portrait busts and large public works. Replicas can be seen there today. As a long-time member of Philadelphia's City Council and an important figure in the city's art community, Rush helped to found the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in , where he served as a member of the board until his death in Alexander Wilson Russell, Jr.

With Porter in the Essex by James Otis

Russell, Jr. He served as Executive Officer of the U. Arctic during the Spanish-American War and also served as the first captain of the Color Guard for the Pennsylvania Society of Sons of the Revolution from to Schmolze grew up in Zweibrucken, Germany, where he was known among his classmates for his amusing caricatures of the teachers.

Although his father wanted him to be a lawyer, Schmolze was allowed to go to Metz to continue studying art. He soon became involved in the movement for democracy in Germany, and he was jailed in Munich in for his criticism of King Ludwig. After his release, he left the country to travel around Europe before coming to the United States. He settled in Philadelphia where he exhibited his paintings at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts from to Schmolze was known as a "poetic artist" and some of his work included illustrations for his poems.

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He died at the age of 36 from a combination of tuberculosis and lead poisoning. Augustus Schultz , Section F, Lot In , Schultz invented the process of tanning skins with chromium sulfate. This method produces durable leather with a bluish tint, but Schultz's early attempts also created very stiff hides.